The Retina Reference

Choroidal Nevus - Halo

This 46-year-old patient presented for evaluation of choroidal nevus with possibility of melanoma. The fundus exam showed a perpapillary choroidal nevus adjacent to the optic disc measuring 2 ? x 5 disc diameter. There were no orange pigment or subretinal fluid, although the autofluorescence image suggests that there were some in the past. (yellow arrows) The Panel A image shows a dark center (black arrow) with a more lightly pigmented peripheral lesion. (teal arrow). Panel B image shows the nevus with a track of previous subretinal fluid (yellow arrows). The nevus is named for its appearance of the halo effect surrounding the darker center. The patient was informed nevus that this lesion is benign and was advised to return in 4 months to reevaluate for any growth or changes.