The Retina Reference

Choroidal Nevus 8-yr followup

These are color fundus photographs of the right eye of a 58 year old male patient taken at two visits separated by eight years as part of a program to detect any growth of a choroidal nevus indicating transformation to a melanoma. The choroidal nevus (outlined by the blue arrows) can be seen as the slate grey and white area. The yellow arrows outline an area of retinal pigment epithelial atrophy inferior to the nevus most likely related to an earlier episode of subretinal fluid exudation that spontaneously resolved. Although there are small differences in photographic technique and magnification (different cameras, different photographers, different pupillary dilation), comparison of the nevus boundaries and fundus landmarks such as vessel crossings suggest no growth over the interval. For example, looking at the upper left blue arrow, we see that the border has not grown further past the intersection of the two vessels. Additionally, the lower border does not reach the horseshoe bend of the vessel below the nevus in either photograph. It can be concluded that this choroidal nevus has not grown. However, yearly monitoring should continue.